Audrey starts a blog!

There is a reason I’ve steered clear of creating an online presence. What is a blog if not a public journal? Aren’t journals meant to be private? Does anyone really need to know what I’m thinking, feeling or eating at any moment? If I may be so impolite: Who gives a fat flying fig?

However, Mr. X keeps lecturing me. “Work on your brand! Create an online presence! How are you not on social media?! Get on it gurl*! Do blogging! You’re good at it and/or I’m tired of all your e-mails! Let someone else enjoy** your clever writing for a change!”

*I may be paraphrasing. 

**More paraphrasing.

Very well, Mr. X, I’m caving! I will blog! I will tell EVERYONE that I’m drinking an iced tea as I write this and I will post pictures of cats! No… I won’t. You don’t own me, internet. I will be that one weirdo who posts pictures of bats. RABBATS. RABBITS! Like this one:


That I doodled for JB. (He loved it***!)

***I like speaking for others! They become so complimentary!!

I hope you’ll join me on this public/private journey, and maybe enjoy these posts, and maybe even interact with me in the comments section, which I am cautiously leaving open until I become inundated with death threats over that rabbit, which would be a totally reasonable**** reaction.

****I am employing irony for humour. Please don’t take it literally. I literally will explode.




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