On Audrey Time, Always.

This title courtesy of JB, and one of my favourites of his sayings.

Many moons ago, when he was just back from a business trip across the world and still feeling the different time zone, he wrote to me in the middle of the night, only to be surprised with a prompt response. “Of course you’re awake,” said he.

JB has a fondness for writers, which would make him quite a narcissist as he is a wonderful writer himself.


These days I am living a rather transient life, wherein I see my computer only briefly in the mornings and evenings, then spend the entirety of the day in different parts of the city. Compy is suspicious of how much time I’m spending with Phone, but he need not worry – Phone is a silly old thing with no data, he can never give me what Compy gives me. But it’s good to keep ‘em guessing, I guess.

And so, I record my thoughts in a most archaic – or romantic, depending on how you look at it – fashion: in a little notebook I carry around with me. I’m not sure my handwriting is getting any less atrocious, but I’m trying(!), and practice don’t hurt.

The point I am coming to – yes, there is always a point! – is that I’m all over the timeline. Thoughts and essays from days, weeks and months ago litter my space, and when I return home, late in the evening, to my current, privacy-less abode, I do not have the energy or wherewithal to type up and share the day’s thoughts. If any.

Now, on the rare occasion a free period will arise, I will race into Compy’s loving embrace, prepared to finally release my nonsense in to the digital universe – only to stumble. “Um, it says ‘today’, should I change the language? I mean, as far as the reader knows, ‘today’ is today and not last Monday. Oh, but I reference the weather, and it was peculiar that day. To say nothing of accuracy!” For I like to be very precise.

“Curses!” I snap. Compy flinches, and I assure him he is not the target of my displeasure. (For this, anyway – what the hell is he doing with his monitor?) My curses are directed to how overly complicated I’ve made things with the timeline. “What can I post NOW?!” I yell, before reassuring a frightened Compy that it’s a rhetorical question.

So this is how I’m rectifying the situation. With an extremely verbose (sorry) disclaimer that the following posts will be completely and utterly out of sync.

Because I’m on Audrey Time. Always.

Posted at 02:32 ATA


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